Stories do serious work, and that's why I tell them with spirit and strategy. I pitch, produce and publish content tailored to personal, business and/or partner goals. The result? Measurable, monetized and - most importantly - meaningful stories that strike a chord.

Take a look at my ever-evolving approach to content strategy.

Influencer marketing with Little Bird and Traackr

"Influencer marketing" might be the next buzzword to bite the dust, but social data has holding power. Launching's digital influencer pilot, I leveraged data to identify content and customer pipelines and jump into communities, understand their passions, and engage their leaders. And, what do you know, I made some influential relationships along the way, sharing insights with Little Bird (now Sprinklr) and Traackr.

Rio Hero

I developed social strategy an wrote an interactive, accessible comic for Rio Hero, a responsive web experience that helps visitors live the spirit of the Summer Games with Microsoft. 

Microsoft Affordable Access Initiative

I wrote all copy for Microsoft's Affordable Access Initiative, a global project that launched in November 2015. In addition to building site voice, I organized copy, image and partner buy-in for the Microsoft Citizenship (now Microsoft Philanthropies) tweet, which made up over 90% of social launch engagement. Through responsive design, clear copy and relentless vision, Microsoft's goal of driving stories with startup, cloud and technology influencers came through in coverage from TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Fortune and Geekwire. Content Strategy

My content strategy is scrappy-yet-indispensable. As one half of the Content Strategy team, I write blogs, industry-specific infographics and relatable best practices (wait, those exist?!) to help Microsoft marketers and storytellers create content that moves the needle and the heart. Do I include a healthy dose of peanut butter and hot sauce metaphors? Absolutely.